~33,000 Austin citizens signed the Citizens Districting 10-1 petition to place the CD10-1 re-districting plan on November’s ballot. After the July 16th press conference Austinites for Geographic Representation submitted the petition to Austin’s City Clerk for valdiation in time for November’s vote. After a speedy review, Austin City Clerk, Shirley Gentry, said “We estimate that there are 22,435 valid signatures on the petition.  Using a random sample of a size required by law, the City is 95% confident that the true number of valid signatures on the entire petition exceeds 22,330 . . . Furthermore, the City is virtually certain that the true number exceeds 20,000.” On August 2nd, City Council approved CD10-1 on November’s ballot.

Thanks to you, your belief in fair elections, and the hard work of all our petitioners, CD10-1 will be on November’s ballot! But as Peck Young of AGR said “This is a giant step forward but it is only the next step. More hard work starts now.  At the August 2nd meeting we must convince City Council to support the People’s Plan for Austin. Austinites must persuade Council to not put an alternative plan, like 8-2-1, on the ballot. Council would put an 8-2-1 alternative on the ballot only to confuse the voters and thereby maintain the current system – a system which allows Austin to be controlled by political insiders and the self-appointed power elite.”

AGR challenged Austin City Council to side with the People’s Plan and not the Political Insiders Plan.  Watch Gonzalo Barrientos and Bill Aleshire deliver the challenge:

CD10- has an Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission: Why is it so important for the citizens to draw district boundaries? Why does City Council fear the citizens having that power?  Watch Fred Lewis (member of Austin’s Charter Revision Committee and re-districting expert) and Stewart Snider (president of the League of Women Voters Austin Area) explain why.

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Read our press releases on the petition submission and petition qualification, as well as the supporting documents on the submission from the City Clerk. See news coverage of City Council supporting The Politician’s Plan.

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