Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission

Monday evening November 18, 2013 the Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission voted unanimously to adopt their Final Map for the first-ever single member districts for the Austin City Council.  After almost six months of meetings, including 14 Public Forums, the Commission has drawn the lines for the Final Plan.

Austinites for Geographic Representation applauds the proposed final council member maps issued by Austin’s Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission. The citizen volunteers of the ICRC performed admirably and took a giant step toward the fair geographic representation Austin voters approved in 2012.

The ICRC’s final maps:

How we helped: Austinites for Geographic Representation (AGR), was the grassroots coalition behind Proposition 3, which Austinites passed as Prop 3.

WHAT: CD10-1, The Citizens’ PlanCitizens Districting 10-1 (a.k.a. “Prop 3”) was backed by Austin’s largest and most diverse grassroots political coalition, was defined in an open process with input from hundreds of Austinites, is endorsed by 30 diverse Austin organizations, and was put on the ballot by more than 30,000 citizen signatures.


How you can get involved

We hope you, and all Austinites, work to keep Austin livable for everyone.

Austinites for Geographic Representation has disbanded after accomplishing its objective: making the 10-1 plan of geographic representation the election law in Austin.